How Can I Best Prepare for the CPA Exam?

The CPA exam may be challenging, but with the right preparation, you can get past the test anxiety so that you can pass the test the first time. If you have test-taking jitters that affect your performance while you are testing, the best way to beat the jitters and to feel confident with the information and prepared for the testing experience. The fear of the unknown can really affect the average person on testing day. Because of this, anyone scheduling a CPA exam date should review material and then familiarize themselves with the experience of taking the uniform exam. Here is your guide to preparing for every aspect of the CPA exam.

Studying and Reviewing Information is Key

The entire purpose of taking the CPA exam is to show that you are competent, and if you do not know the information that is covered on the exam, you will have difficulty passing the exam. Questions on the uniform exam, while every test differs, are not designed to be simple in nature. You must know how to conceptualize the information and apply it as a critical thinker. You should consider taking a review course offered by a school that really researches what is and is not covered thoroughly in the exam. Most people who have taken the course will tell you that this course is the only reason that they passed their exam.

If you enroll in a review course for the CPA exam, the program should offer you study materials that you can use so that you can memorize material that is not sticking. Traditional index cards can be helpful, but many schools offer access to apps on mobile device that prove to be valuable study tools. Focus on the questions and topics you are not confident with, and narrow down your list of study topics as you get more confident. Be sure to study the night before your test, and also the morning of the test as a refresher. Even though nighttime study is important, do not cram and get rest. This is actually a good way to absorb the information.

What to Expect on Testing Day

If you have a Notice to Schedule, make sure that you review the information on this form. This single testing form includes your test time, the address of the testing center, and the directions you must follow to prevent rescheduling. The form will tell you what types of identification you should bring with you to prove your identity, the Launch Code for your test, and the regulations of the center where you are testing. If the review course you took did not show you the format of the test, familiarize yourself with the testing format by taking sample tests prior to test day.

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Be sure to arrive 30 minutes before your test time so that you can sign in and get set up. Once you check in to the test center, you will be directed to your station where you must enter your personal code. If you have any technical difficulties at any time, notify staff so that the test clock can be stopped while the issue is resolved.

It is only natural to feel nervous when you are taking such an important test. The certification can change your life, but first you need to pass the uniform CPA exam. Do not put off studying, take a reputable review course, and always take practice tests. Follow the directions on your Notice closely, and you should feel much more confident when you walk through the doors.