Accounting – Online or Classroom?

Many people look for a definitive answer in the argument between online learning or classroom learning. When it comes to accounting, or any other major, the differences are very subjective. Students who prefer to learn independently, at their own pace, are likely to find online courses far more beneficial. On the other hand, students who need constant direction, instruction and assistance will prefer the traditional classroom environment. There is a place in our education system for both types of degree courses.

SRI Intl Study – Online Courses Beat Classroom Education

In a study compiled by the SRI International Department of Education in 2009, it was determined that adults who take online courses are likely to outperform students who experience regular classroom learning. This study was conducted over 12 years, and focused on students who were in college and graduate school.

Students from the online classroom finished in the 59th percentile, while traditional classroom students were in the 50th percentile. This shows that online courses are a legitimate alternative to attending school and sitting in a classroom. The reason for this is that online courses can be tailored to match each student’s needs. An online course will go at the pace the student wants, not the pace the teacher wants.

With social media having taken over the internet, students can also find assistance and answers to questions through the internet. This results in students being able to focus on the aspects of a course they struggle with, devoting more time to those areas.

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Classroom is not Extinct Just Yet:

While online learning is hugely beneficial, studying in a typical classroom is still the way forward for many students. A person who struggles to grasp concepts on their own will struggle with online learning. All the information may be available, but the student will not absorb that information without the proper instruction from a teacher.

By having a teacher point out mistakes, clarify confusing portions of text, and demonstrate how to solve equations, students who need more help will probably score higher if they take traditional accounting courses.

Online Courses Provide Flexibility:

The most common case for students dropping out of college is that they cannot fit classes into their schedule. Many students have part time, or full time, jobs that they cannot afford to give up. For many of these individuals, day time classes are not possible. Instead of giving up on the accounting degree, these students can go online and sign up for an accounting degree program. They will be able to read material, take classes, and pass exams whenever it suits their schedule.

The results of various studies and student accounts confirm that there is little difference between the quality of online and classroom accounting programs. As long as the right materials are being taught, it is possible for students to learn just as much online as they would in the classroom. If anything, the structured set up of an online program is likely to produce better results for most students. Online courses are more convenient for some students, while others prefer to study on their own, with no classroom distractions slowing them down.