How Can You Specialize a Law Degree in Accounting?

Accounting LawWhile a general professional law degree is still offered by many schools, modern schools who are creating nontraditional models of legal education so that you can specialize a law degree in accounting. The shift towards law school specialization has changed the way new associates learn how to practice law, according to the New York Times. Instead of just learning what they need to know to practice, they will also be required to add on a degree in a different industry or practice area. The strategy is being implemented in an effort to prepare law students for a new world where there are increasing demands for specialized legal professionals.

The emerging legal education models has created some confusion with law firms and even prospective students. If you have always wanted to earn a specialized law degree with an emphasis in accounting, it is important to learn about the steps that you need to take. Read on, and learn what steps you will take towards specialization and why accounting could be the best specialization for establishing and then advancing your career in law.

Taking an Undergraduate Accounting Program

There is more than one way that you can study both law and accounting. The first option would be to apply for a Bachelor in Accounting program so that you can meet the four-year degree requirement to get into law school. Once accepted into law school, you will study all practice areas of law and may choose to take the courses on taxation, audits and other relevant areas that you can choose as electives. With both an undergraduate degree in accounting and a Juris Doctor law degree, you will be able to specialize in law as it pertains to corporate finances.

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Find a Law School Offering a Joint Degree Program

While earning a Bachelor in Accounting before you earn a law degree may be all you need to specialize in a practice area like accounting, most prefer to take a joint degree program. When a law school offers a Joint Degree program, you will enter with an acceptable bachelor’s degree and will study for your law degree and a Master in Accounting at the same time. The master’s coursework in a joint program may be more focused on subject areas that pertain to legal matters.

How Long Will It Take to Earn a Specialized Degree?

When you earn a general law degree, you will be in school for approximately three years as long as you pass your classes and you attend full-time. If you enroll in a Joint Degree program to earn a MAcc at the same time, you may spend extra time in school to earn an additional degree. Most of the credits that you earn will be applied to both degree requirements, making the mission to earn both degrees much more affordable and less time consuming.

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Earning a Bachelor in Accounting or taking a joint degree program in law school can be extremely beneficial. If you want to work in accounting and specialize in law to handle complex legal issues, you will have an advantage. If you would prefer to work as a lawyer with an expertise in accounting, you will be a good candidate for firms who want to offer their clients a full-service menu. Explore your options and decide if the choice to specialize a law degree in accounting is a wise one.