How Do Employers View an Online Accounting Degree?

Is an online accounting degree as valuable as a traditional accounting degree? If you are wondering whether or not prospective employers will place value on you as a candidate with an online degree in the field of accounting, you have come to the right place. Less than a decade ago, there was a major stigma associated with students who earned their accounting degrees online, but that stigma is now only associated with degrees obtained from less than credible schools. If you really want to enter the world of accounting with a reputable employer, it is important to start by selected a quality degree program that reflects highly on you. Read on and find out how to choose an accounting degree program with online study options that is perceived well.

Subject Matter Matters to the Employer

One of the biggest concerns that employers will have is that students who earn their degree online did not gain the communications or socialization skills needed to succeed in the workforce. There is no denying that distance education technologies have advanced, but distance education still does not give students the face-to-face interactions that really help build vital professional skills. If your major goal is to work in accounting, you will be happy to hear that many employers will consider the subject matter before looking down on an online degree. Because accounting and finance courses are so detail-oriented and focused on facts, they are much more acceptable online degree majors than courses that may require more human interaction.

Choosing The Right Accounting Program with the Right Institution or Satellite

The reputation of your online degree is only as good as the reputation of the institution that the degree was earned from. When you are comparing different distance education programs that are centered around accounting, you need to do your homework so that you choose an accredited school that also has accredited curriculum that has been approved by a body specializing in the field of accounting. The most reputable online accounting degrees are offered by large university’s with campus-based and online-based instruction. The online instruction is performed by faculty that also has on-campus classes, and the curriculum taught through both programs are the same.

There are accredited online degree programs that are run entirely online, but you need to do your homework before you assume that the accreditation is recognized. When you are checking into a school’s accreditation, be sure that the body that has given the school accreditation is recognized by the US Department of Education. When you check the Department’s database, you have peace of mind in knowing that the school did not just create their own accredited body that really does not create good academic or programmatic standards.

Featured Programs

Make sure that you are dedicated to looking for an accounting program that is focused on preparing students for the real world of accounting. You can find out about the credentials of the faculty, the graduation rate, the completion rate, and employment rates to get a feel for the quality of the program. You should also take time to research the requirements of the employers you would love to work for upon graduation. By fulfilling all of the requirements prior to applying, you can become a valuable candidate in the eyes of employers with your online accounting degree.

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