How Open Is The CPA Field To Women?

One of the best jobs in the current economy is truly working as a CPA. The options for career advancement — and the breadth of fields one can go into with training in the field — are making many people feel that it’s the career for them. CPAs can provide a variety of services to companies: whether they’re working in a large accounting firm, or as general advisors to businesses who are looking to see as far as possible across the corporate landscape, and even into future trends, CPAs often place businesses at the cutting edge of the market. This makes them a valued asset to any business.

Flexibility of CPAs

Because of these abilities, the flexibility of CPAs in the arena of business is very large. And that can mean that when you learn a specialty within the field, you can develop skills that will make you extremely valuable to organizations. If you’re interested in helping society right itself, for example, offering services to non-profits or humanitarian organizations will be welcome, and if your goal is to work your way up in an organization, your skills will be central to making sure that organization runs properly.

Because of such career flexibility, many people are finding that a career as a CPA is for them. This new approach to the field also has people wondering what the ups and downs of the job are. And a question that comes up is: how open is the field to women?

Gender and Accounting

While accounting was once a male-dominated field, legal requirements and common sense make it extremely important that companies do not discriminate against applicants or employees. In fact, any violation of this principle should be quickly reported and dealt with by either the company or other authorities.

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Certainly however, some traditionally male-dominated industries do have their struggles with sexism — stories of discrimination in fields such as computer programming abound, as regrettable as such cases may be — but in accounting the field is quickly coming over to a view that workers should be evaluated by their abilities.

The AWSCPA ( American Women’s Society Certified Public Accountants) is an excellent resource for you to begin networking with other women that are in the field.

Careers in Accounting

Fortunately, the days when one would be treated with prejudice in most fields is rapidly closing, but many people considering a move towards becoming a CPA are worried about a lingering sense of discrimination. In most firms, this will not be the case — in fact, for the most part, good workers are a welcome sight to most good firms.

So if you’re considering the path towards a career as a CPA, know that the rewards are out there, and the ability to find a secure, challenging and satisfying job are many. With a bit of hard work and the right attitude, finding a good position does not have to be a stressful process. In fact it may very well be the best decision that a person searching out a rewarding career can find.