What Jobs Are Available in Corporate Finance?

Corporate FinanceIf you have a financial background with strong communication, analytical, problem-solving, project management, and leadership abilities, then it is strong recommended that you consider applying for the growing number of jobs available in corporate finance. As the dynamic business marketplace shifts its focus to a more global approach to mergers and acquisitions, large corporations are creating a growing demand for corporate finance professionals with a broad knowledge base in valuation techniques. In fact, there are currently around 49,000 jobs available in corporate finance, which represents a 6% increase in hiring demand compared to last year, according to Wanted Analytics. Highlighted below are the most popular corporate finance jobs that are involved in making important financial decisions for maximizing company profits.

Financial Analyst

As one of the most prominent members of the corporate finance team, the financial analyst is responsible for assessing the performance of stocks, bonds, and other types of investments to provide guidance to corporate leaders in making investment decisions. Financial analysts are typically accountable for determining financial needs, analyzing budgets, carrying out long-term financial planning, assessing possible acquisitions, monitoring the market value of the corporation’s securities, and devising methods of dealing with derivatives. In some cases, financial analysts will specialize in working in investment portfolios, mutual or hedge funds, revenue, financial planning, capital budgeting, or project finance. On average, financial analysts earn an annual wage of $76,950 in a role that will grow rapidly by 16% before 2022.

Financial Controller

In most corporations, the financial controller is given the task of developing financial reports and analyses that are essential to the effective management of all business operations. As the name suggests, financial controllers are responsible for controlling access to corporate funds through budgeting the expenditures and revenue of the organization. Within more lean corporations, controllers may also be given additional duties, such as conducting market research, compiling financial data analysis, forming corporate strategies, and forecasting project revenues. Due to their extensive accounting experience, financial controllers often earn a sizeable average annual salary of $109,740 in a position poised to grow by 9% over the next decade.

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Accounting Manager

Within the corporate finance world, accounting manager is another noble title for professionals who are involved in developing systems for the collection, analysis, verification, and reporting of crucial financial information. In order to meet the corporation’s financial objectives, accounting managers are usually responsible for monitoring revenue, coordinating the evaluation of financial data, initiating corrective actions, preparing special reports, defining accounting policies, managing accounting staff members, enforcing accounting regulations, and protecting the organization’s value by ensuring all financial information is confidential. As the leader of the corporation’s accounting department, the accounting manager often brings home an average salary of $82,370 each year within a field that is projected to grow steadily by 13% before 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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In addition to these three prominent jobs in corporate finance, qualified candidates may also pursue the roles of credit manager, cash manager, treasurer, benefits officer, investor relations officer, real estate officer, tax manager, assistant controller, or financial manager. Despite the fact that corporate finance is growing, competition will remain strong, so it is recommended that you build strong analytical abilities, quantitative skills, and an attention to detail before applying. For landing the top jobs available in corporate finance, you should also consider attending an accredited graduate business school to earn an MBA or a Master of Science in Finance (MSF) degree for the best preparation.