What Jobs Are Available With A Master’s in Taxation?

Master's in TaxationLooking for the jobs available with a Master’s in Taxation before you earn your degree can help you determine whether or not this is the proper program for you. If you want to work in finance, specifically with tax codes and regulations, earning a graduate degree after you hold your Bachelor’s can help you advance quickly. While a degree does cost you both time and money, in many instances a degree will offer you a return on your investment when it helps you build the skills that are needed in the field that you are pursuing. Read on, and learn about some of the titles you can hold with a Master’s in Taxation.

Financial Advising for Individuals

Financial advisors need to be familiar with tax law and tax codes to help individuals plan for their long-term savings and retirement goals. Without considering taxes, an individual can make the wrong investment decisions and lose money that could have been used to build their nest egg. To become a personal financial advisor, you may want to consider sitting to test to become a Certified Financial Planner. To sit for this exam, you may need to earn your Master’s degree so that you have enough credits under your belt.

Corporate Finance Executive Roles

Is your goal to become an executive within a corporation? If you want to hold the title Chief Financial Officer, you need to know a lot about financial risks and tax law. While you can learn about finance by taking another degree program, a taxation degree will help you become an expert in taxes inside and out so that you can stay on top of finances and help the corporation lower their tax obligations. Having a Master’s in Taxation can give you a leg up on the competition when you take the appropriate core courses and elective courses. This is the perfect tile for the born leader.

Featured Programs

Certified Public Accountant Working Independently

Earning a Master’s in Taxation will help you meet eligibility requirements to sit for the CPA exam to earn your CPA credential in most states, according to Becker Professional Education. A CPA does a lot of different tasks in finance, from preparing income tax filings to reviewing IRS audits. To work independently, you need to be an expert and be able to generate your own clientele. You also have the option to work for an accounting firm or a mid-sized or large company directly. The tasks you perform on a daily basis will depend entirely on the setting you work in and what type of client you are working with. You can expect to provide tax advice in this role. You will also need to keep up with code changes and changes in regulations to stay certified as a CPA.

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If you would like to earn your Master’s in Taxation, the next step is to research the traditional and online programs that you can choose from. As you compare different programs, be sure to choose only those that are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. By choosing these schools, you have peace of mind in knowing that the school consistently meets high standards when developing programs and delivering education to students.