What Is The Chance Of Being Audited By The IRS?

An IRS audit is likely in a few circumstances that are listed in this article, and someone who wishes to ensure they are avoiding an audit may read further for more information. There are many people who are concerned for the future of their finances, and it is quite important that someone who is afraid of an audit has taken a look at what they may do organize their finances. Taxes are simple to complete, and returns may be created using simple tactics that anyone may use.

What Are The Chances Of An IRS Audit?

The audit that may be coming may happen because the return was completed using broken information, odd deductions and information that is too complex. Someone who is preparing their returns must look over the information they are using for their returns, and they must have documentation that will help them prove all their deductions are appropriate.


There are a few pieces of information that must be used to ensure the return is completed properly, and someone who wishes to formulate a better return must collect all their paperwork first. The documents must be present at the audit, and they must be used to fill out the return. There are many returns that are quite simple because the documents line up, and someone who is not prepared to document may be audited.

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The Average Audit Situation

The average audit situation is one where the return is more complex than normal, and the IRS will wonder how the return came to be so. Everyone who wishes to write up their own return must ensure they have simplified the process as much as possible, and they must not use deductions that appear to be too complex. Deductions must fall within the bounds of what is acceptable for the filer, and anything that does not appear to be normal as compared to the previous returns will be questioned.

Not Reporting Income

Income that is not reported to the IRS will be found at some point as official tax forms are used to report, and the IRS will compare the forms received with the forms used to complete the return. They will uncover any income that was not reported, and they will use their resources to ensure the filer is paying the proper amount of taxes. Each person who has extra income to report must use the proper forms, and they must approach an accountant if they have concerns.

Waiting Too Long To File

The IRS will look down on anyone who is waiting too long to file, and they will run over the return to ensure it has been done properly. There are quite a few people who are waiting to file their returns for a number of reasons, and it is quite important that they are not extending their deadline. Filing on-time will ensure the IRS does not take a special interest in the return.

Someone who is interested in filing their taxes properly must have a look at the number of places where they may slip up. The IRS will audit a return that seems a bit untoward, and they will ask many questions that must be answered with documentation.