What is the Difference Between a BS in Accounting and a BBA with an Accounting Concentration?

Pursuing a career in finance or accounting appears to be simple. After all, many schools offer degrees in Accounting. However, as research about business has changed, schools now offer degrees similar to Accounting, such as a Business Administration degree with a concentration in Accounting. But how do you know which is the best option for you? What is the difference between these two degree programs?

What is a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting?

A BS in Accounting is a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. The focus of the degree is in Accounting, and the courses prepare the student for an accounting career path, including working as a CPA, auditor, or bookkeeper. The degree program focuses on teaching students about finance, economics, and other subjects from the perspective of accounting. Once a student completes a degree in Accounting, he or she can sit for the CPA licensing exam, and then work as a Certified Public Accountant in a firm, at a business, or independently.

What is a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an Accounting Concentration?

A BBA is a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Within this degree program, a student can concentrate on accounting. This degree program is business-focused, offering courses on business administration such as leadership, marketing, accounting, organizational strategy, and many other areas. The degree helps prepare students for a career in business administration, often with an emphasis in finance. Many people use this degree as a foundation for a career as a CFO or something similar.

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What is the Difference Between a BS in Accounting and a BBA with an Accounting Concentration?

The primary difference between a BS in Accounting and a BBA with an Accounting concentration is the focus of the classes for the degree program. Both are business-related degrees, but a BA in Accounting is more specific than a BBA with an Accounting Concentration. The BBA degree covers a wider range of topics in business to give a more well-rounded education, while the Accounting degree focuses exclusively on Accounting.

Another difference between the two degrees is the career path they prepare you for. A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an Accounting concentration prepares you for a business administration position, which could venture outside of accounting or finance. But a degree in Accounting narrows your career choices considerably.

Which Degree is Better?

Deciding which degree to choose depends on the career path you want. If you know you want to work in accounting, an Accounting degree will give you the foundation you need. However, if you think you may want a career in business outside of Accounting, or you want to move up in a business to a CFO or something similar, it would be beneficial to get a degree in Business Administration and instead get a concentration in Accounting. Regardless of the path you choose, a degree in Accounting or with a concentration in Accounting will give you the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career.

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