What Kind of Real Life Experience Can I Actually Get from an Accounting Degree?

Have you always dreamed of being an accountant? If entering the field of accounting is your goal, you might be wondering if an accounting degree program will actually prepare you for real world scenarios. College is about learning the fundamentals and developing the skills that you need to meet requirements set by employers, but it is a huge investment and it is important for students to choose the right path that will prepare you for real life in the career you are pursuing. Since you are paying to go to school and earn your degree, it is only practical to want to know if an accounting degree will actually get you ready for an accounting job. The answer is not completely clear cut, but if you take the right educational path and you complete programs from reputable institutions, you will be well-equipped to perform your duties as an accountant. Here are some tips on the best path to take to prepare for your career.

Associate’s Degree Will Prepare You For Entry-Level Accounting Jobs

If your goal is to enter the field of accounting as quickly as possible, you may want to earn your Associate’s degree with a focus in accounting first so that you can meet entry-level requirements to secure a position as a bookkeeper or accounts clerk. An Associate’s degree program will take about 2 years to complete when you attend school full-time, and will teach you some basic principles that you will use throughout your career in the field. Some of the real life topics you will be trained on to earn an Associate’s degree in accounting include: Principles of accounting, Document processing, Tax preparation fundamentals, Individual tax accounting, Payroll and Financial statement preparation.

What a Bachelor’s Degree with a Concentration in Accounting Will Prepare You For

If you want to prepare yourself for a management position in the field, you may decide to pursue your Bachelor’s degree before you start looking for a job. A Bachelor’s degree program takes about 2 additional years to complete once you have completed the AA program requirements. This undergraduate program will expand your knowledge so that you are well-prepared to manage an accounting department. Some of the skills that you will use and learn in a Bachelor’s degree program include: Marketing, Micro-economics and macro-economics, Cost accounting, Financial auditing, Advanced, computing skills, Management theory and practice, Business law, and Corporate taxation.

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A Master’s Degree to Prepare You For Executive Positions

You must have on-the-job experience before you can enter a Master’s of Accounting program, but if you want to prepare yourself for an executive position in accounting this program will prepare you. By studying accounting research, internal auditing, operational auditing, taxation, advanced management accounting, and information systems, you will develop the skills that all executives are expected to possess to compete for this advanced-level position.

Unlike other degree programs that exist today, an accounting degree program is focused on a systematic set of methodology that you must know to be successful in the field. If you are interested in entering the competitive field, pursue a degree that will get you recognized. Only after this can you focus on getting certified for more recognition in the field under a specialization.