What Types of Accounting Jobs Can I Get With a Ph.D. in Accounting?

Ph.D in AccountingIf you have given any consideration to pursuing a graduate level education in order to advance your career in accounting, you may have wondered what types of accounting jobs with a Ph.D in Accounting will be available to you. Below you will find an answer to this question and several others that pertain to vocational opportunities in the accounting sector.

Accounting Job Options

Because obtaining a Ph.D in Accounting typically functions as an indication that one has attained extensive education and experience in the field, individuals who earn this type of degree can typically pursue a wide variety of positions. Some of them include:

1. Accountant

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Accountants assist their employers by preparing and examining financial reports and records for them. To ensure the smooth functioning of the businesses they work for, accountants will examine financial documents to make sure that they are accurate. Accountants will also make sure that taxes are paid properly and in a timely fashion. By ensuring that the financial operations of an organization run as efficiently as possible, accountants can play a primary role in helping their employers experience continual growth and expansion. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants can expect to earn about $63,550 annually.

2. Professor

The primary goal of the accounting professor is to impart accounting knowledge to students such that they attain the type of education and experience necessary to pursue careers in the field. Accounting professors also do research and publish scholarly articles and books in relevant subjects. In addition to completing these primary duties, the accounting professor will typically serve on one or several committees at the learning institution where they are employed. Accounting professors can expect to earn about $111,149 annually.

3. Internal Auditor

Internal auditors are responsible for offering objective, independent assessments regarding the efficacy of an organization’s operations. By performing internal audits, individuals who hold this position help organizations develop a disciplined, systematic approach to the evaluation and improvement of risk management processes. The depth and scope of this field is broad and can encompass operations, financial reporting, detecting and deterring fraud, and compliance with established rules and regulations. An internal auditor can expect to earn about $72,000 annually, according to Indeed.

4. Chief Financial Officer

The CFO is responsible for the maintenance of a company’s financial budgets and goals. Since competition for this type of position can be fierce, individuals who obtain a Ph.D in accounting will oftentimes have an edge over other job candidates who do not possess this level of education. A CFO who works in the accounting sector can earn anywhere from $81,817 to $151,240 annually.

5. IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent

The IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent examines violations of the Internal Revenue Code as well as other types of relevant financial crimes. Oftentimes, individuals who hold this position will work directly with the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Justice, or Department of Homeland Security. The IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent can earn anywhere from $41,167 to $64,894.

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If you have given any consideration to the pursuit of a career in accounting, you should note that obtaining a Ph.D can help you attain a variety of well-paying and intellectually stimulating positions within this sector. Now that you know about accounting jobs with a Ph.D. in Accounting that are available, you can decide whether pursuing this level of education would be appropriate or ideal for you.