What Types Of Accounting Jobs Can I Get With An Associate’s In Accounting?

Associate's in AccountingAre you looking for accounting jobs with an Associate’s in Accounting? Are you interested in enrolling in an A.A. or A.S. program? If you would like to work as an entry-level accounting professional within the vast field of accounting, having an associate’s degree can help you land a position where competition is fierce. Many individuals who are interested in entering the profession as quickly as they possibly can will elect to take a shorter two-year degree program so that they can get their feet wet and gain experience. Others, who are not in quite the rush to start working, may elect to enroll in a more thorough 4-year bachelor’s degree program. Here are some of the types of accounting positions you may be qualified for once you have an Associate’s in Accounting.

Working As a Full Charge Bookkeeper

Many people use the terms bookkeeper and accountant interchangeably, but the two are actually very different. A bookkeeper is in charge of a company’s books and will keep journal entries so that the financial ledgers are as accurate as possible. In a sense, the bookkeeper is who prepares financial statements for a cerrtified accountant to later review and assess. Companies who file their own taxes and larger corporations who need a professional to perform reconciliations may have their very own in-house bookkeeper in charge of the books and reporting financial activity throughout the organization. With an associate’s, you may be able to take on this role.

Becoming a Payroll Clerk or Accounts Receivable Clerk

Two positions that are very popular choices amount associate’s degree holders are accounts receivable clerk and payroll clerk. Both of these financial clerks are in charge of invoicing and processing incoming checks and payroll disbursements made to employees. A payroll clerk may also gain experience within the field of accounting for different roles in the discipline by filing tax reports on employee wages and by preparing special reports that management has asked to be drafted. An accounts receivable clerk also reconciles the general ledger when payments are collected to ensure reports are as accurate as possible.

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Becoming a Staff Accountant

If you want to gain experience in just about every area of accounting, your best option may be to look for positions as a staff accountant. Many employers will consider an applicant who has an associate’s degree for this entry-level position. When you work as a staff accountant, you will work with an experienced CPA or accountant and perform some of the lower level tasks. This will be your opportunity to prove yourself and gain the experience you need to determine whether or not you want to work towards earning your CPA. Staff accountants, also generally referred to as accounting assistants, will typically work in larger firms and with larger organizations. Some of the assistants will perform more administrative duties.

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The demand for accountancy graduates has reached an all-time high according to the Journal of Accountancy. Earning your associate’s degree is just the first step to finding the perfect job. With the supply of bachelor’s degree holders on the rise, hiring for entry-level positions can be very competitive. Make sure you look for jobs you are qualified for and consider these accounting jobs with an associate’s in accounting as a good start.