5 Benefits of an MBA in Accounting

Students who have made the choice to seek their MBA in accounting have a bright future to look forward to. You’ve made the smart decision to seek an advanced degree in your chosen field, and that will provide you with the skills needed to properly analyze and interpret financial data so that you may move to the top of your accounting-based choice of career. Here are just a few of the many wonderful benefits that you can expect to enjoy once you’ve successfully earned your MBA in accounting.

1. Significant Management Training

Those studying for their MBA with a specific focus on accounting will be much better prepared to obtain a management position than those who hold only an undergraduate degree. You can expect to have access to a variety of extra classes that are aimed at training you for positions within management, and these advanced management courses include financial management, human-resources management and other courses catered to your major areas of interest. These will prepare you for a career in management at accounting firms, within the government and in various companies and industries.

2. Excellent Preparation for the CPA Exam

An accounting student always looks forward to becoming a Certified Public Accountant, but that can’t happen until you successfully pass your state’s CPA licensing exam. Many states require you to complete a number of upper level courses such as governmental accounting and non-profit accounting before you’re allowed to take this exam. You won’t get all of these necessary classes with an undergraduate degree, but you will have access to these and all other necessary courses to ensure that you have met all of the requirements needed to take the CPA licensing exam with confidence when you’ve completed your MBA program.

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3. A Choice of Versatile Careers

Students who go on to earn their MBA in accounting enjoy a much wider variety of career options than those who stop with their undergraduate degree. You may choose among a wide array of accounting-related jobs that are of interest to you. These options may include business consultant, revenue manager, management analyst, financial manager, technical account manager or chief operating officer.

4. Higher Earning Potential

Students who earn their MBA in accounting not only have access to a wider selection of interesting job options, but they can also expect to be paid more than than those with a simple undergraduate degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants and auditors who have only undergraduate degrees may expect to earn $65,940 per year or $31.70 per hour, but those workers who have earned their MBA in accounting may expect to earn some 25 percent more than those without an advanced degree.

5. Successful Business Ownership

When you earn your MBA in accounting, you are much more likely to have the opportunity to open your own business. This is largely due to the extra courses that you’ll have access to, and these include leadership courses, strategic management, operations management and marketing management. Each of these courses are carefully designed to help you not only become an exceptionally skilled accountant but also a successful business owner.

Because every single business in the public, private and governmental sector requires knowledgeable people to manage the books, those with an MBA in accounting will continue to be in demand and achieve successful careers. Get busy working towards your MBA in accounting today, and you’ll soon be enjoying crunching those numbers at that perfect job that you’ve always dreamed of.