5 Benefits of Joining NABA, Inc.

NABA, or the National Association of Black Accountants, is a great organization to be a member of. For people of color in the accounting field, such a membership can provide the perfect resources and backing to assure a long-lived and prosperous career in the industry. So, what are the specific benefits to joining NABA? Some of the top benefits to membership are as follows.

Official Backing

As a whole, official backing and membership with a professional and respected group of any kind offers a variety of psychological as well as tangible benefits. Members of the National Association of Black Accountants enjoy the benefits of powerful backing, real-time support in times of need, informational resources, and more. These things are just a small part of an organization that is over 200 chapters strong. The official emblem recognizing this same strength and organizational presence is also made available for members to proudly display in their places of business.

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Featured Programs

Real Resources

As alluded to above, resources are a major part of the benefits of membership here. For its members, the organization goes out of its way to provide every resource possible in the name of colored success in the industry. Events, promotions, job listings, and professional associations are included offerings. As well, the organization’s website alone provides members with a vast headquarters for all, needed resources and points of contact. Here, the member can also find information on events, learning and advice, legal precedents, best practices, and more. Non-members can even derive a great deal of free resources and knowledge from the site as well.

Educational Links

Learning is a concept true to all of the core beliefs and missions of NABA. Only through knowledge can the greatest pinnacles in accounting be reached. Subsequently, the organization provides its members with a number of valuable educational links. Access to the organization’s exclusive Leadership Development Institute, and links to outside opportunities as well as educational courses within individual chapter locations assures members of a progressive, up-to-date education in all areas relevant to their accounting careers.

Student Fellowship

Membership within the organization is not just a broad, one-size-fits-all application. Members are enrolled in either one of the following status identifications: student or professional practitioner. As a student and up-and-coming, professional, black accountant you will want and need resources geared toward your current, educational endeavors and goals. As for the student-specific membership to NABA, more student-related training and advice, layout, and focus are provided than the alternate, professional fellowship. Finally, valuable college scholarships are offered by the organization.

Professional Fellowship

On the other side of membership status, there is the professional member. Such members are actively practicing accountants or are already adequately educated and in the midst of finding a position. In this professional line of membership, the offerings made available to you include many of those within student membership but also many, additional resources that focus on continued and improved success within the career. In addition, career-search resources are made available here that focus on the seasoned professional as opposed to those just starting out.

For people of color in the accounting field, NABA is a premier resource. With so much to offer its members, there are few reasons, if any can be found, not to consider membership with the National Association of Black Accountants.