5 Good Accounting Internships

Landing a quality internship can greatly help accounting students find their dream job after graduation. Whether it’s full-time, part-time, paid or unpaid, nothing is more valuable than hands-on experience. In fact, many programs require students to take an internship as part of their studies. Fortunately, the options are almost limitless. Here’s a look at five nationally renowned internships for accounting students.

1. KPMG Build Your Own Internship

KPMG offers a unique opportunity to explore different aspects of the accounting world. From options including auditing, tax or advisory, participants select a “core” subject, which forms the primary focus of their internship duties, and a “developmental” subject, which exposes them to duties from another field. Students get to work alongside people with a variety of expertise including a personal performance manager to assist with guidance and goal setting. Graduates of the program even get to take home a laptop computer.

2. Ernst & Young’s Internship Program

Interns for EY get to attend the week-long International Intern Leadership Conference at Disney World in Orlando. The conference hosts a myriad of workshops focusing on skill development and team building, and it is a great place to network with professionals from all parts of the globe. Interns work with diverse clients representing a range of industries including major multinational corporations. Duties may include assisting with internal control reviews, tax planning and developing marketing strategies.

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3. Deloitte Global Internship Program

The Global Internship Program is a four-week internship offered in ten different countries including Australia, Brazil, The Netherlands and South Africa. Deloitte takes care of travel arrangements while students collaborate with professionals on solving business challenges for international clients. Whether students plan to work in the U.S. or another country after graduation, interning abroad can improve communication skills and provide an advantage on the job market.

4. PricewaterhouseCoopers International Intern Experience

PwC also has a reputable international program that provides excellent experience and looks great on a resume. The International Intern Experience sends participants to
work in one of PwC’s foreign offices for a week. Interns spend time training at their local PwC office before taking their assignment abroad. PwC arranges all work visas, housing and travel accommodations.

5. The Susan G. Komen Accounting Intern

Put your love for numbers to good use by supporting a charity organization. Some nonprofits handle a lot of money from many sources, so they need an accounting team to keep track of it all. For example, accounting interns for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation assist with bookkeeping, invoicing, and compiling reports. Students also get to work directly in fundraising through mailings and donor stewardship.

The relationships you forge during an internship can steer your career on an upward trajectory. If you must do an interview for an internship, remember to dress professionally and send a thank you email afterward. If you’re made an offer, obtain all of the details in writing and check with your adviser to make sure that the internship meets the requirements of your degree program.