5 Graduation Gift Ideas for New Accountants

If you’re looking for accounting graduation gift ideas for someone you love, it’s both traditional and exciting to mark the occasion with something personalized to their profession. All graduates appreciate money, but if you have a new accountant in the family, look for presents that celebrate their achievements and future in the world of finance and taxes. These five graduation gift ideas will let you commemorate your loved one’s accomplishment no matter what your budget or style.

1. Vintage Name Board

As a young person starting a career, this personalized plaque is a satisfying marker that they are now part of the history and traditions of the accounting profession. The old-fashioned charm of hand distressed wood and 19th century lettering could decorate his new office near his diploma. Just like an accountant of old, he’s ready to hang his shingle and provide services to the community. Customize the optional second board with his alma mater, graduation date, or other professional accomplishments as a way to commemorate his achievements. Give yourself a little extra time for production and shipping as each piece is made to order.

2. Engraved pen set

Accountants spend a lot of time taking notes and signing documents. A custom pen set can mark your graduate’s accomplishments and help her new desk look professional and elegant. Order a personalized pen and case with her name and CPA title, graduation date, or even a witty quote about accounting. This set is affordable for any budget, which means you can gift something both memorable and personal without breaking the bank. It’s also a nice option if you plan to gift graduation money or gift cards but want to include a more personalized touch. Just tuck the cash or card inside the pen case.

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3. Numeric Keypad

Your newly minted accountant will log hundreds of hours of data entry in their chosen profession. Make that time easier and show you understand at least a little corner of their career with this USB number entry device. For new grads who are on the job market, this will allow them to handle consulting work at home, and a grad heading into an office job will be two steps ahead by starting their first day with their own keypad. It’s small enough to be an addition to a more traditional graduation gift that nods to their skills or replace the bow on a gift box with the cord and keypad as a quirky accounting wrapping detail for a larger gift.

4. Business Card Case

Whether your loved one is heading into the corporate world or freelancing, accountants need to network with professional looking business cards. Most businesses will provide the cards, so you can give him an attractive and personalized case to hold them. Your new accountant will be confident in his abilities and proud of his success every time he takes out one of these sleek cases to hand a business card over to a new client. Tuck a small gift card or cash gift inside as a starter card for a truly memorable accountant graduation gift.

5. Classic Briefcase

The life of a CPA includes paperwork, laptops, and long hours crunching numbers. Give your new accounting graduate a gift that is functional and classic with an upscale briefcase to hold their work supplies on the go. A timeless leather briefcase is an expense most new graduates won’t splurge on for themselves, but the confidence and professionalism it gives her will certainly be appreciated as she interviews for jobs or starts a new position. Customize the latch with her initials or name and title, or tuck a favorite motivational book inside for a personal touch.

Graduation gifts for accountants don’t have to be stuffy or boring, but items that make the transition to professional careers a little easier are always appreciated. These five graduation gift ideas for new accountants can serve as stand-alone presents, or celebrate their specialization as a small part of a larger gift. No matter which gift you choose, your new accountant will appreciate something personal that shows your pride in their accomplishment.

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