5 Great LinkedIn Groups for Accounting Professionals

LinkedIn has become an all-inclusive professional platform – not just for displaying your experience and achievements, but for networking, seeking out new professional opportunities, and collaborating and learning with peers and experts in a huge array of different fields. Via its groups, LinkedIn has created an engaged and lively community of professionals who come together regularly to share new ideas, new knowledge, and new developments in their field of expertise.

Accounting is represented by a large number of professionals on LinkedIn, and this social media platform boasts a number of excellent groups for accounting professionals. Whether you do taxes or corporate finance, here are five great LinkedIn groups for accounting professionals.

Super CFO

Super CFO is a large accounting and finance group that focuses on networking between finance and accounting professionals across a multitude of industries. It serves a range of companies from startups to Fortune 500s, and also encourages students of finance to join to begin their networking in preparation for launching their careers. Boasting more than seventy-five thousand members, Super CFO is among the very largest finance oriented LinkedIn Groups.

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Tax Professionals

A group for all tax professionals, this LinkedIn Group – home to nearly one hundred thousand members – offers a large arena for networking among tax professionals, discusses major issues and policies relating to tax accounting, shares best practices and offers a special forum for job opportunities in tax accounting. Anyone in tax practice from consultants to government employees are encouraged to join.

World Finance Network

The World Finance Network hosts close to two hundred thousand members working in finance and accounting from all over the world. Everything relating to finance and accounting is discussed in this group, from financial associations and job opportunities to emerging policy and best applications of existing laws and policies. Accounting professionals worldwide will find ample opportunities for networking and employment via this group.

Commercial Finance Professionals

Commercial Finance Professionals is a small, select LinkedIn group that focuses most of its efforts on networking between accounting and finance professionals. While it stands among the smaller groups on LinkedIn at around thirteen thousand members, skillful professionals will find more than adequate networking opportunities with this group.

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

The official CIMA LinkedIn group connects students and professionals from all over the world for networking, updates on the world of finance, tax and accounting law and policy, and a range of other relevant topics. This group is carefully policed, resulting in a poised, professional, and polite collective working together to keep one another informed on the latest developments in the world of accounting and finance.

Social media platforms have become increasingly important in the professional world, bringing together pros from every field of expertise to network, share information, and garner new opportunities. Whether you are just starting out a career as an accounting professional, or celebrating your thirtieth anniversary at your company, each of these LinkedIn groups are worthwhile to help you inform your practice, teach and learn with and from other accounting professionals, and gain access to new opportunities.