5 Great Online Resources for High School Students Interested in Accounting

For those working in the accounting field, accounting resources outside of work can be priceless for guidance applied within. This concept is especially true when it comes to high school students seeking a future career in accounting. Credible accounting resources outside of school can be quite helpful for the educational and job search activities taking place within your life and career path. So, what are some great, online resources for such junior accountants? In each of their varying ways, the following five offer tremendous value.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

For high school students, the time is ripe for choosing which career path to pursue. Understanding everything possible about that career choice and its future outlook are so crucial at this point. Possibly the best, most reliable way to glean such beginning information is through the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Here, one can gain a better understanding of their chosen career path and its futures. If you are truly sure of your accounting career path at this point, you can also use the website to explore various career options within that industry as well as links to other valuable resources on the subject.

Featured Programs


AICPA stands for American Institute of CPAs. This is the official site for this authoritative organization dedicated to accounting. Students are highly recommended to peruse this site as it focuses greatly on actually becoming an accounting professional as opposed to simply acting as one.

Within the site, one can take any number of routes in search of valuable information. Search career paths, mentor programs, diversity initiatives, and industry statistics. Follow the online coursework and class materials for learning the profession. One can even read through volumes of publications, advice columns, and specific subsets of the accounting realm.


For students and active practitioners alike, Investopedia is a fantastic resource for accounting news and conceptual understanding of money. As a news source, the site acts much like a newsfeed, providing all of the latest when it comes to matters of money. As a guide to understanding, the site acts as an interactive dictionary and encyclopedia for accounting concepts and terminology. There is so much to learn here, and the ease of which this learning can take place makes this site quite the commodity for anyone interested in finances today.


MyMoney.gov is another, valuable, online resource for accounting professionals and students alike. This is true not only on a vocational level, but also on a personal level as a personal resource or tool of financial understanding. Visitors here can seek a wide variety of educational publications and articles on accounting concepts. Personal tracking tools and even money quizzes round-out this government-run site quite nicely. In addition, the site provides a predefined experience, curtailed to the individual visitor via three, selectable browsing experiences: youth, teachers and educators, and researchers.

Khan Academy

Last, but certainly not least on our list is the Khan Academy. Salman Khan is a top guru in financial knowledge, holding four, separate degrees in the subject and years of work experience leading the field. Rather than continuing working for the industry’s current outcomes, he took up working for its future, founding an online, free school on the subject. Anyone from anywhere may attend the courses and use the resources provided by this virtual money school. This is another much-recommended, online resource for high school students interested in an accounting career because of the rarity of such a credible yet free offerings in education.

A career in accounting and finance is certainly a solid decision for those coming out of high school. With a little more educational persistence, those on this path will be rewarded well and in a reasonable amount of time. These five, online accounting resources offer the student some valuable and deep insights into their future career of choice.